The Artist

photoMaria Chiladakis is an artist located in Athens, Greece. She has many hobbies and interests, but painting is what she is most passionate about.

Maria studied Marketing in Boston, Massachusetts. Although she majored in business, she incorporated painting and fine arts courses into her curriculum. After completing her studies, she returned to Greece and worked in the private sector for about ten years. However, she always missed the fun of doing something she really loved.




A few years ago, while on Christmas vacation, she was inspired to create a painting for a friend’s daughter.

The moment she finished the painting she realized that this was what she wanted to do for the rest life!

In 2013, she started her own business, Heartmade, creating paintings for babies and children’s rooms. Both children and parents have loved her work and this has given her the strength to expand her work further.

Her one-year-old daughter has been one of her greatest inspirations, making her as happy as she could ever imagine.



Heartmade creates art for babies and children. Her dream is to have as many “happy hearts” as possible, all over the world. It excites her to be able to pursue her dream.